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    Chrome Replacement

    Chrome Replacement, also called “Liquid Chrome” is our special expertise. PETER / LACKE offers individual solutions for the Automotive industry as well as for Lifestyle and Glass. Liquid Chrome coatings represent the best alternative for the creation of attractive surfaces without the use of chrome.

    Typical product applications include handles, panels, covers, levers, knobs, buttons, rims, mirror housings or other components in the interior and exterior of vehicles. In the electronics and lifestyle sectors, too, effects for a high-quality appearance can be achieved with chrome replacement coatings. These include, for example, various industrial parts, household appliances, consumer electronics, and cosmetic packaging. Liquid Chrome is available in a wide range of color shades from gray or silver to blue, red, green, gold, rosé, pink, etc. and they differ in various degrees of gloss and effect characteristics.

    Waterborne Coatings

    PETER / LACKE offers an extensive range of water-based coatings. Waterborne coatings are environmentally friendly in terms of emissions and are being developed as an alternative to solvent-based coatings because a part of organic solvents is replaced by water. The binders in water based paint systems are divided into water soluble and water dilutable systems. These categories form the basis for our water-dilutable coating systems in specific markets.

    At PETER / LACKE, waterborne coatings are available as adhesion promoters, primers, fillers, topcoats and effect coatings for automotive, electronics, lifestyle and glass across all industries. Our goal is to provide economical and ecological coating systems for these markets.

    UV Coatings

    The PETER / LACKE range of UV-based coatings can be used in a wide variety of areas and industries. Among other things, UV coatings are used as primers for furniture parts, in the automotive industry and generally for surfaces such as plastic and glass substrates. The curing time is only a few seconds so that process sequences can be accelerated and made more efficient. In addition, UV-cured surfaces are durable, abrasion and scratch resistant.

    The PETER / LACKE range

    Based on solventborne, waterborne or UV coatings

    Foundations / primers

    Contrast colors

    Clear coatings

    Effect coatings

    Protective coatings

    Tactile coatings

    Brilliant galvanizing systems

    Decorative coatings


    We serve you with our individual Service offerings:

    • Systems consulting, support on application techniques on site
    • Process optimization on site / support on efficiency
    • Application technology / instructions and assistance
    • In-house testing / quality check
    • Design presentations
    • Master samples OEM
    • 1-3 layer availability
    • Product customization