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    Daily, your quest to seperate your brand and identity in a crowded market drives innovation, design improvement and enhanced performance.  PETER/LACKE is your partner to help reach your design and goals.  High performance coatings are meaningless unless they contribute to defining your brand identity and add value to your product.  Modern sporting implements are only distant cousins of their crude and simple predessors. The use of advanced composites, complex alloys, design and production processes typically reserved for air and space travel seperate modern sports equipment from their crude genesis.  Decorating these mechanical works of art and precision with high perfromance coatings is a must.  High performance coatings with the ability to define and enhance your brand is also a must in these competitive markets.  Sports equipment coatings are a passion at PETER/LACKE.   Through strategic acquisitions and ventures we have  created the only fully integrated and wholly owned global R&D, production and technical service network dedicated to the sports equipments coating market.  PETER/LACKE can design, engineer, produce and ship from 4 continents.   Solventborne, aterborne, high solids,  Urethane, Epoxy, Lacquer, 1K, 2K, high bake, low bake, air dry, Spray, srueegee, and dip.  Peter/Lacke provides the highest performance coatings for golf equipment, ball bats, archery, fishing, helmets, eyewear and protection, knee braces, safety equipment, firearms, bicycles,  and any other sporting equipment.  Connect with us add value to your sporting product and seperate your brand.